Martyn Coutts


Kategorien: Interdisziplinär

Inside (2004)

Performance Installation - body and live camera.

Loading Zone (2004)

Site-specific installation work for the Next Wave Festival 2004, Melbourne. Body, architecture and super 8 film. Martyn Coutts and Tricky Walsh.

Wayfarer (2007)

Interactive improvised game event, streaming live video and audio back to an audience team. Martyn Coutts and Kate RIchards

Interdepend (Air Traffic) 2005

Wayfarer 2.0 Urban Agents (2009)

web based social media interactive work

I Lost You In The Suburbs (2008)

Deadpan (Martyn Coutts and Willoh S. Weiland) Perth, Western Australia.

Bunker (2006)

Performance Installation performed at Taipei Artist Village, Taiwan. Video, Sound and Performance by Martyn Coutts.

11 Remixed (2009)

3 channel live video work commemorating the 40th anniversary of the moon landing.